Social Media Training for Small Business Owners

Social Media Training for Small Business Owners

Learn how to use social media in a hands-on workshop style with your team! 

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools in a business owner’s toolkit; with it, you can successfully generate new leads, have a platform for your customers, and use it to showcase what you have to offer. Without it, however, you’re missing out on dozens of valuable opportunities and you’re behind your competitors…not an ideal situation.

In this instance, you need to ensure you’re doing something to not get left behind. You can hire assistance in the form of a VA and/or learn the basic fundamentals why social media is important and how to implement it for your business going forward.

Social Media Workshops

In our workshops, attendees are given a solid introduction into social media. Aimed at beginner to intermediate users, they provide a balance of presentations and discussion behind the social world and why as a business you should be using it as part of your marketing materials.

An Overview

Looking at the key concepts behind social media and why it differs from other marketing, the fundamentals will be broken down and each different network explored to display the unique benefits each one offers and how it can help you as a business.

Key points covered will include:

  • Facts and stats on social media today
  • Listening to your customers
  • Updating your networks
  • Showcasing what you do
  • Engaging customers

Different Networks

Each of the main networks will be discussed to display how you can use each one and the benefits behind each.


  • What are Facebook business pages?
  • Updates, images, insights
  • Examples of companies using Facebook well
  • Looking at types of content
  • How to create engagement
  • How to generate more followers


  • Creating tweets
  • Using retweets, favorites, notifications, and hashtags
  • Nurturing a following
  • Engagement, customer care, and selling
  • Monitoring and listening


  • Creating a LinkedIn profile
  • Developing connections
  • Creating updates
  • Benefits of LinkedIn for you
  • Exploring groups
  • Creating Company Pages



We can come to your office, or host a virtual workshop via ZOOM. If you would like a workshop organized for a large group, we’re more than happy to hold one at your office. Please contact Jennifer for details.

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  1. Steve Bau says:

    What are the dates, times, and location?

    • Jennifer Wilner says:

      The classes will start up again in October in the Edison, NJ area. I’ll be announcing them late Sept.

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