The Top Ten Signs You Are In (Desperate) Need of a Virtual Assistant

The Top Ten Signs You Are In (Desperate) Need of a Virtual Assistant

help button10)   Your customers complain they are never able to get a hold of you.

Solution: Great customer service can be the one thing that sets you apart from your competition. Hiring a Virtual Assistant can free up your time to attend to your clients, instead of doing paperwork.

9)   You have a pile of business cards on your desk from the networking events you have attended and you aren’t sure what to do with them or how to turn them into actual customers.
     Solution:  A VA can help you organize your contacts to help you turn business cards into business!  Each business card is an opportunity to connect with another professional, stay in contact, and hopefully, gain a new customer when the opportunity arises. A VA can help you implement e-mail marketing campaigns, organize newsletters, or find other ways to keep in touch with potential and current customers/contacts.

8) You don’t attend networking events because you’re so busy in your business, you forget to register in advance or don’t have time to go once the day comes. 
Solution: A VA can help manage your calendar, set up email alerts, and register you for events so you never have to worry about missing one again!

7)  You’re busy, but the money isn’t coming in as steadily as you would like because you are slow when it comes to getting out your invoices.

Solution: A VA can help you streamline the invoicing and billing process, and/or take over the task completely to make sure that you are getting paid for all the hard work that you do – (on time)!

6)    Your spouse (or another family member) is tired of doing the paperwork and administrative tasks of your business. 

Solution: Sure, it might be cheaper to get free labor from relatives and/or spouses, but letting a VA take over some of the administrative tasks, allows you to keep work, at work. Plus, hiring a VA is truly cost-effective and productive, and best of all – we won’t whine or roll our eyes when you give us an assignment to do.

5)   You think you should be utilizing online social networking to promote your business, but you’re not quite sure how to do that. In fact, you’re not even sure what online social networking is.

Solution: Even though it is 2017, a lot of business people experience “information overload” when it comes to how sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and yes, even Facebook can benefit business. A VA can break it down for you, and help you figure out how to use these tools to your advantage and create a community around your business, leading to greater productivity and more customers.

4)         You really need to have a contact list of all the professional painting contractors in New Jersey by the end of the day, but you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Solution: Call a VA! A VA can do the research you need and provide you with the targeted contact list in the right format so you can connect with your ideal potential client/customer.

3)     Your regular assistant/secretary is taking time off or wants to work flextime /job share and you’re not quite sure how you will manage without them.

Solution: Don’t stress. A VA can step in to help on a temporary, or permanent, basis if your regular staff is on vacation or sick leave or just wants every Friday off.

2)   You do not have a brick and mortar office, and you aren’t looking to take on the extra overhead expenses involved in leasing one, but you would still like your business operations to have a professional appearance and impression.

Solution: Having someone provide your administrative or customer support (answer your phones when you are unavailable) can go a long way in providing your business with a professional appearance.

1)  You just wish you had someone to help you out with the things around the office that you hate to do.

Solution: CALL ME! Or drop me an e-mail

Do you recognize any of these signs in your business? Why spend another day without help? Hiring a virtual assistant can drastically change the dynamics of how you operate your business, making it more productive and cost-effective to get more things done!


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