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10 Great Tips for Your Blog Post SEO You Need to Know

By: Jennifer Wilner “SEO”? What? “Jen what does all this mean anyway”? Ah, the myriad of questions I receive about SEO as it pertains to blogs. Full transparency here, Secretary Central has writers who write content all day long. While I understand HOW it works, I’m no writer that’s for sure. Switching hats for a […]

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Jen’s 5-Minute App Tips

Coming Soon! Visit my YouTube channel for my most recent app tip.

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10 Free SEO Resources Every Marketer Should Use

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires special attention to a number of moving parts, all at the same time. You need to know your goals, your priorities and your progress in each of a dozen or so different areas. And those targets are constantly moving due to internal and external pressure.

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No Money, No Problem: 17 Free Ways to Boost Your Website’s SEO

Article courtesy of Entrepreneur. SEO is a popular online marketing strategy, and therefore, competitive, but I’m consistently amazed at how many business owners and marketers opt not to engage in an SEO strategy because of its perceived limitations or drawbacks. One of the biggest misperceptions is that SEO is expensive, and it’s driven by the […]

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