Jen’s 5-Minute App Tip Series, Episode 3: Microsoft Office Lens

Jen’s 5-Minute App Tip Series, Episode 3: Microsoft Office Lens

In this article, we will highlight a 5-Minute App tip on how to scan your receipts, documents and etc. with Microsoft Office Lens.

To better understand the benefits of the Microsoft Office Lens app shown in this 5-Minute App Tip, I suggest downloading the app to fully review the features. Here are links to do so on your mobile device:
Google Play Store
Apple Store

To start this lesson, I’ll show you how to scan receipts and if you’re like me, I like to scan my receipt so that I can save them to easily document purchases for my bookkeeper or accountant. You can use any receipt for this lesson, for example, I scanned a grocery store receipt.

To begin, open the app and go to the lower right-hand corner to click on the button to take a photo of the receipt. Once you have taken the photo, select the checkmark to save it. After it’s saved, go to the title section where you will find the time/date stamp. This is where you will rename the file with the type of receipt scanned and the date it was received to keep your receipts organized properly. I titled my receipt, “Snacks Receipt – June 25.”

Once this has been completed, make sure the photo is in your photo gallery on your phone as well as connected to QuickNotes in OneNote. Now that you have a title and the scanned image, you can click save which will open it up in your files. In the upper left-hand corner, you can see a little purple “N” and then the receipt where it says “June 25 Receipts” – on the right of it is the actual photo as it appears in your photo gallery. You can then click the OneNote file to open the app so that you can see the actual image as it was uploaded. If this receipt was to disappear in a drawer or if it was lost, you don’t have to worry about it because it’s in your trusty OneNote.

Also, OneNote and Office Lens is available for Apple and iOS smartphones and tablets. In addition, I would like to guide you on downloading the app to your iPad. First, go to the app store and type “Office Lens” and here you will see these are iPhone only apps. If you click it, it will show you the iPad only version so switch to iPad only and download it from here. I personally prefer to have these types of apps in my eyesight so I keep them on my smartphone.

After you are positive that the file is in the OneNote account, you can delete it from your phone gallery. I hope this tip was helpful for you. If you have any suggestions for future 5-Minute app tips, please leave a comment or contact me, your Social Media Trainer – Jen Wilner from Secretary Central at 

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