Jen’s 5-Minute App Tip Series, Episode 2: LinkedIn App Shortcuts

Jen’s 5-Minute App Tip Series, Episode 2: LinkedIn App Shortcuts

LinkedIn is an ever-evolving social media platform where you can be an ALL-STAR in your niche by engaging with your connections. Take a listen to this short video to learn more.

In under 5 minutes, this video will review some LinkedIn mobile application shortcuts.
Spend some time to learn LinkedIn and engage with your connections! With over **590 million users, that’s a platform to be a big part of!

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For this lesson, we’re going to talk about shortcuts in the LinkedIn mobile app. Upon clicking the icon for the LinkedIn app on your mobile device, your newsfeed will load onto your screen. In  the upper left-hand corner, click on your profile photo. From there, you will be able to see the shortcuts for pages you manage, your recent activity (meaning groups, hashtags, etc), and a place at the bottom where you can discover more hashtags or change your following status of certain hashtags. For example, if you click on a hashtag, and then click on the left button back and click on your profile photo to access your followed hashtags once again, you’ll find this new hashtag to be up top. You can also go through and unfollow any hashtags that you would no longer like to hear about as well.

As you know, I’m really passionate about LinkedIn and I highly recommend that as you go through your newsfeed you make sure to check out your LinkedIn connections’ posts and like, comment, and share them. Don’t just like them, but like, comment, and share them — especially if it’s something that you strongly believe in or relates to your industry.

That was today’s five-minute app tip, maximum success using LinkedIn, this is Jen Wilner from Secretary Central and I look forward to bringing you another tip next week!

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