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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Many reasons! Just like a secretary, a virtual assistant is there for you to take care of the things you need to do to help your business run smoothly………without the extra expense and hassle of having an actual office or actual employees. You have the benefit of a professional performing tasks that you don’t have […]

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A Surprising Upside to Terrible Weather

New York City may have just dodged the full fury of the “Storm of the Century” (sorry, Boston), but if you live in the northern part of the country you know that any such reprieve is always temporary. Another “snowmageddon” will come barreling down at your city at some point in the future. Besides being an opportunity […]

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Hiring a VA? Check out how they can help & what steps to take

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will allow you to get on with your business tasks while you delegate jobs to them that you either don’t have time for, or can’t do yourself. Working remotely with a computer and other business equipment, VA’s have full internet access and can help businesses with a whole range of tasks, […]

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Meet the VAs!

Get to know a bit about us!  Our team is dedicated to helping your business grow!   Jennifer has provided excellent executive assistance and customer service relations for over 17 years by working with small businesses in the manufacturing/embroidery industry and PEO (payroll/human resources) industries. Keeping her skills up to date, she is am able […]

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Get Educated!

The field of Virtual Administration is a growing and evolving one!  Besides providing quality and professional services to our clients, we also seek to educate the business community about Virtual Business Administration, and how it can work to help make a more streamlined, productive company! Below are some articles to help you decide if a […]

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