A Virtual Marketing Partner can become an invaluable part of your team – only she doesn’t sit right outside your office!  But that’s OK!

At Secretary Central, we are dedicated to not only providing you and your company with professional administrative services, being US-based and easy to work with! Whatever the project, large or small, you can be assured that the end product will be professional, completed in a timely fashion, and on-budget!

Jennifer Wilner standing outside

Let’s see how we can help your business grow!  We can run your entire back-office on a full-time basis, or just pick up the slack here and there on occasional projects.  We can also handle the administrative tasks that you hate to do (and maybe even put off doing!) so that you can concentrate on the money-making part of your business!

Check out the services we offer, then give us a call or drop us an email. We are happy to discuss with you your marketing support needs!

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Whether you need help in all areas, or just a few services, full-time or part-time, long-term or for just a short-term project, let Secretary Central help you run your business productively and efficiently!

Jennifer is the President/CEO of Secretary Central, a professional Virtual Marketing Support firm based in New Jersey.

Jennifer provided excellent executive assistance and customer service relations for over 20 years by working with small businesses in the Ad Speciality and PEO (Professional Employer Org) industries. She always had an interest in entrepreneurship and in 2006 started a dog treat business which was a large success.

Several years later with many skills and experience under her belt, she decided to share her business experience and life skills to help fellow entrepreneurs. Being a former small business owner too, she was very aware of the challenges that owners face to do ‘everything’ while trying to grow their business and knew Virtual Assistance was an area where she could offer her business knowledge, admin, and marketing expertise to present that helping hand.

Secretary Central was then born, a firm she is incredibly proud of and one that is growing all of the time. The SC team of professionals work in brand development, online strategy, copywriting, e-commerce, social media, graphics, and SEO, and look after and develop the tasks that business owners don’t have time to do online; and their skills and expertise to help grow and nurture a business. SC is dedicated to not only providing companies with professional administrative services but an easy to work with and friendly team who are very interested and dedicated to helping a business. We can offer our clients the best results possible, without the hassle of hiring internally.

Our work has enabled us to work in many fields. We specialize in various aspects of online marketing such as social media, back-end office tasks & marketing initiatives for our entrepreneurial clients in an extensive variety of businesses.

Our Mission Statement

Since our founding in 2011, Secretary Central has assisted business owners with their marketing and project management needs to efficiently stay in contact and initiate positive relationships with consumers. Now in 2021, we would like to emphasize our support for women yearning to be business owners. As an all-female company, we wish to inspire more female entrepreneurs to pursue their goals and are prepared to help them do so. Through mentoring, social media training, and other career/business advancement programs, our team is ready to assist women at any stage on their journey toward accomplishing their professional goals.

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