25 Easy Twitter Tips for Nonprofits

25 Easy Twitter Tips for Nonprofits

Jennifer Wilner Secretary CentralI recently had the pleasure of training a small, but hugely important nonprofit in NYC. Many of these tips were discussed and implemented.

By Juliana Kelm of Classy 

Twitter is the New York City of social media platforms—it never sleeps and there’s always something to do. It is home to the hashtag, the creator of “trending topics,” and of course the platform for many infamous celebrity “Twitter feuds.” What do all of these things have in common? The fact that relevant trending news constantly changes, and thus the platform’s 316 million active monthly users rely on their Twitter feeds for the world’s latest and greatest stories. LinkedIn and Facebook have many benefits of their own, but Twitter is the best channel to create an ongoing and direct dialogue with your audience, spread news rapidly, inform and mobilize your cause’s evangelists, and prospect new supporters to expand your network’s reach.

Once you’ve initially explored the platform, to really rock this channel and make the most of its evolving features you need to understand all it has to offer. From live tweet chats to analytic tools, this list of Twitter tips is sure to reveal new ways you can leverage this robust channel. Identify which features are the most effective for your organization’s social media and marketing strategy and get started today.

Link to Juliana’s post  https://www.classy.org/blog/twitter-tips-modern-nonprofit/#.Wpl-kEw-gRM.twitter

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