Backup your computer; Cloud or Externally

Backup your computer; Cloud or Externally

Back upWritten by Jo Lewis.

Many small businesses overlook how important it is to backup your computer, then only start doing so once it’s too late… A spilt coffee cup and it could be game over!

We are living in a virtual world and it’s only getting bigger, more and more work is being carried out online, so we must all get into habit of protecting our files.

There are many external hard drives on the market and varying in capacity and price depending on your requirements. If you’re a bit tech-savvy and prefer the minimalist look, you could go for a cloud-based backup service, this works the same way by carrying out an automatic backup of your hard drive. Just schedule the frequency of the backups and you’re good to go.

Here at Secretary Central, we recommend something like the Seagate ST300003U2 to clients. It’s serving them well and still going strong. Backups are scheduled on a weekly basis and this gives them peace of mind that their hard work and important files are safe and sound, and easily retrievable should the unthinkable happen.

** Disclaimer** The ST300003U2 is no longer available. There are many backup tools on the market and this may not be the one for you. Do your research to find the software that is best suited for your needs.

Image credit to Stuart Miles.

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