Hiring a VA? Check out how they can help & what steps to take

Hiring a VA? Check out how they can help & what steps to take

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will allow you to get on with your business tasks while you delegate jobs to them that you either don’t have time for, or can’t do yourself.

Working remotely with a computer and other business equipment, VA’s have full internet access and can help businesses with a whole range of tasks, including ones for your personal life too. Some examples include administration, document creation – such as emails and business articles – and communication, including newsletters, orders and social media.

Anything that you don’t have the time for and will allow you to concentrate on growing your business is a task they can possibly help with. People are tempted to quickly outsource to mass publicized services, but the results you get from paying someone $5/an hour certainly won’t be the same as someone who has experience and who runs their own business..researching a VA is important.

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When hiring, check out these important steps:

Delegate. What do you want to delegate? Make a list of things they might be able to help you with, and make the instructions as detailed as possible to avoid any future confusion. Include time frames with the list.

Salary. Decide what your top level budget is for hiring. Most VA’s will have their own set hourly or per-project rate, so you will be able to see what you will be able to afford within your budget.

Interview. Meet up with potential candidates via Skype to get to know them. Ask them about their experience within the areas you’re looking for to ensure they’re a good match.

References. If you think you’ve found someone good, ask them for references and check them out. You could also ask for a testimonial from any previous clients.

Narrow. If you have a list of a few candidates, make a check list of their strong points and try to decide who will be the best one for you.

Secretary Central is dedicated to providing you and your business with a full range of professional services and our qualified Virtual Assistants have a vast knowledge base and experience in many different areas. Whether you need help in all areas, or just a few services, full-time or part-time, long term or for just a short term project, let Secretary Central help you run your business productively and efficiently!

Contact us to see if we can help.

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