10 Great Tips for Your Blog Post SEO You Need to Know

10 Great Tips for Your Blog Post SEO You Need to Know

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By: Jennifer Wilner

“SEO”? What?
“Jen what does all this mean anyway”?

Ah, the myriad of questions I receive about SEO as it pertains to blogs.

Full transparency here, Secretary Central has writers who write content all day long. While I understand HOW it works, I’m no writer that’s for sure.

Switching hats for a moment.

You probably know by now that I’m the co-founder of Business Connects, a networking organization. In that function, one of the responsibilities I enjoy is working with our members to teach them how to use SEO to promote their blog, to bring traffic to their website, and their profile as you can see here

During this pandemic, the Secretary Central team has been working tirelessly on our online education. We credit Yoast as well as other platforms to our SEO education. A blog by Yoast CEO Maieke van de Rakt goes into the 10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post.
Maike clearly outlines the steps to take in this SEO-basic post. We highly recommend you check it out.

*This is not a paid link. We’re just really big fans of Yoast!

#1 tip, don’t get overwhelmed. Looking for help on how to do this? Reach out! Jen would enjoy helping you!

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